Meeting With Young People From CAFCASS

On the 8th July one of our Youth Workers, Richard Harpham, met with the CAFCASS Family Justice Young People’s Board (FJYPB), a group of young people who have an interest in children’s rights and want to ensure child-centred and inclusive practice.

We delivered a one hour workshop on Voices in the Middle, including team challenges on making a difference, role models and having a voice. We also asked lots of questions and gained their input on the project.

We asked about their insights on the scope for our new digital service including the appropriate use of social media, support forums, advice and signposting. As we develop the digital service, we will be gaining further input and insight at each stage from the CAFCASS FJYPB.

At the same time, we are in the middle of putting together our own Voices in the Middle Young People’s Steering Group. All previous young people have been invited to join and we are interviewing candidates over the summer.