About Us

This project ended in September 2023.

Voices in the Middle was a collaboration between young people, the family law & mediation sector and The Family Initiative charity to provide a dedicated place for young people to find help and support when in the middle of divorce and separation.

This website provided a place for young people to share their voice, read helpful content and connect with support. The content and resources on this website are now hosted by Inspired Life CIC and can still be used today by young people and families.

Whilst this project has ended, if you would like to contact one of the Voices in the Middle team regarding any new project opportunities, please use the form below to get in touch.

    Message from our Young People’s Steering Group

    “We believe Voices in the Middle was a well needed resource for young people and provided the support and information that young people can run to, when they are facing a divorce within their family.

    Although stopping divorce is most likely not going to happen, the young person in the middle can be dealt with better.

    As young people ourselves, we feel inspired to have made a difference in such a relevant and important situation as divorce, as so many young people are facing it alone today.