Introduction to Voices in the Middle

Voices in the Middle was a collaboration between young people, the family law & mediation sector and The Family Initiative charity to provide a dedicated place for young people to find help and support when in the middle of divorce and separation. The project ended in September 2023.

This website provided a place for young people to share their voice, read helpful content and connect with support. The content and resources on this website can still be used today by young people and families.

Here, in our area for parents, you can read about how to talk to and support your teenager in the middle of divorce and separation, including their rights, well-being and protecting their family relationships.

We have been guided by material provided young people who have been through family separation: we asked them what they most wanted to say to parents.

How to Help Your Teenager

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Conversation Guide

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Further Help and Support

After checking out our content and guides, if you would like to seek further support for you as a parent during divorce & separation, please visit

What is Sorting out Separation?

Sorting out Separation is a free online resource for parents and couples dealing with divorce or separation.

Sorting out Separation will:

  • show you where to find reliable information, easy-to-use tools and specialist services on a range of topics
  • help you focus on and deal with the most important issues
  • create a personalised list of support services and tools for your circumstances

Who runs Sorting out Separation?

Sorting out Separation is part of the Government’s Help and Support for Separated Families initiative. This initiative aims to encourage parents to seek support, and develop and co-ordinate the support that is available.