You deserve love

I was 6 years old when my parents split up. I was young enough to not understand why, but old enough to know what was happening.

As a child of divorce, my advice would be, it's not your fault. Keep your head held high.

At times it can be hard, parents might seem to be mature but they play games, they try to pin you against one another. But don't let them. Love both your parents equally, as they love you.

It may have been a joint decision to end the relationship, it may have been one sided, but it's better to be out of a bad relationship and alone, than in a bad relationship and unhappy.

Don't let your parents relationship dictate yours either. You will find love, it might last forever, it might not. You deserve love and whether you are a child of divorce or not, you'll find love.

Photo: Ricardo Moraleida. Creative Commons.