My Family

My Family

Hi, my name's Mollie, I am 17 years old and my parents split up when I was 5. So it's safe to say I am a bit of a professional by now 😉

My parents were perfectly happy (as far as my mum was aware) until they weren't... I gave my mum the best support that I could, in any and all ways possible.

I am the eldest of 9 siblings, a few of which have other siblings too.... I am part of a big joint family with separate connections between us all, and I LOVE it! Altogether, there are 12 siblings related in different ways... I know, a lot right?

Due to the difficulties growing up, I am currently seeking counselling through my college as there are still ongoing issues between me and my dad.

I just want to make a few things clear though:

1. You are NOT alone! Although we are all on different journeys, we all have our fair share of struggles and challenges that we overcome on a daily basis.

2. Your feelings are completely and utterly VALID. Nobody can tell you how you feel and nobody gets to determine or dictate what that feeling is, because sometime, even you don't know... and that is OK!

3. It does get better. For some people, including myself, this may take a long time, and may continue for a long time to come, but it does get easier.

4. Know your WORTH. If you aren't being treated with respect, human decency and kindness, then why should you put up with ANYTHING less that you deserve.

5. YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO SEE YOUR PARENTS! Not the other way around!

6. NOTHING is your fault. If your parents have divorced, not your fault. If you don't see one or both of your parents for any amount of time, it is not your fault. Your parents "issues" are no reflection on you as a person or your actions.

I know that it is hard to take the word of someone you don't know, but believe me when I say, I am here WITH you. Although our journeys will be different, our final destination should be one of happiness despite our past, despite any struggles we've faced. We can grow and become better versions of ourselves from our experiences, good or bad ones.

I just hope that this message helps at least one person who is struggling right now...