Caught in the middle of the situation.

Hello! My name is Emma and I am 11 years old.

I'm writing this because my parents have split up and I need to speak.

I was the first out of my sisters to find out about how my mum didn't want to be with my dad, and that was hard for me because my dad didn't even know that I knew. I kind of knew it was going to come someday, because every time after my parents would fight, my mum would always complain to me about my dad. My mum said that she was leaving because she didn't love my dad anymore, but we all know that it's actually because she left for her new boyfriend. I think she fell for him because he's able to afford things that we normally had to wait for. I'm able to talk to my two older sisters about it because they've also been through a lot as well and understand my feelings. The bit that I'm caught up in is that whenever I get annoyed at my mum, I can't say anything because I'm scared of her shouting at me, but if I had the option I would talk back. I would like to have a new mum, but my dad said that he's probably not going to date/marry someone again because he doesn't trust anyone anymore. I feel really bad for my younger sister, because she doesn't really understand what's going on.

If I had my own way, I'd probably just go and live with my two older sisters.

I really just wish I could speak up for myself instead of relying on others to help me out.