Starting to be happy again

My parents split up when I was around 1 year old. Everything was fine because I was too little to understand.


My mum went on to more relationships but my dad moved on and got married to a woman who I loved. They were married for nearly 5 years when they split up. It turns out my dad was a drug addict and my stepmum just couldn't cope anymore.


My dad fought and fought to get her back but it just wouldn't work. He moved to live with my nan and I stayed with my stepmum 4 nights a week. My dad and stepmum also had 2 other children, who had to be there 4 nights a week the same as me. We would come to my nan's to stay the night 3 nights a week.


My stepmum and I had a huge fight one day and I decided I had had enough and just couldn't cope, because honestly I really wasn't happy. I came to live at my nan's house permanently and it was the best choice I'd made in a long time.


I am only now getting myself back on track and am starting to be happier again. My dad has been clean for over a year now and everything is sorting itself out.


Without the support of my nan and my boyfriend of now 10 months, I wouldn't have been able to do what I have.


I will never be the same as I was before but I think that's a blessing. In my opinion, I am better than I was before all this happened, I am more mature and self confident. I am stronger than ever, and I finally like the person I've become.