Too sad to care

Not long ago last year my mother and father decided to split. However it was more so my mother. My father had depression and my mother tried everything to help him. One day my mother told him that she was going to move on. As heart-broken as we all were, the day came. We moved out and it was the most emotional day of my life.


I had been raised and brought up in that house. All my memories were there and it threw me. I slowly gave up. I was too sad to care. But when grades came back I realised just because a divide has occurred in my family it can't affect me. So in any way possible I would make my mother and father feel loved any way I could, making dinner, buying small random gifts. Just to show I still loved them which also lightened the mood.


I then understood and came to terms with the fact that maybe it was for the best. Me being happier made them happier. I went through a phase of not seeing my father, but then went to him. As always, he accepted me being angry. Life changed drastically and I'm still adjusting. It's harder than people realise especially at a young age, also going round friends' houses and seeing how happy their parents are.


But now I've almost adapted to this lifestyle because I can't be angry forever. It feels like the worst thing in the world at the moment, but it's definitely not.

Photo: Tallis Photography. Creative Commons.