Sometimes counseling is the best option

My parents divorced when I was 6 and it was really hard to go through. Before the divorce all they did was scream and yell. The screaming matches would last for hours and would be followed by horrible tension and silence for days afterwards. It was hard to ignore because we lived in a two bedroom apartment. I would usually cram my head under a pillow and cry.

My dad moved out and lived with my grandparents. After the divorce, he kept antagonizing my mom whenever he could. There was this song my mom really hated dad would drive up and down the street, by the house, playing it loud. One day Mom called the cops on him. It was so scary to see the police talking to my dad. We moved away shortly after to get away from the drama.

Though my mom objected at first, I kept insisting that I would like to go to counselling so that i can learn to deal with all the things that have been happening throughout my childhood. It's a very rocky road, but I feel like I'm finally making some progress and getting more sleep.