You never think it can all go

When you'd ask one parent even though the other said no?

You were happy!

You'd never think it'll all go just like that!

My mum cheated on my dad, it's hard to think one person could pull a whole family apart!

I struggled with everything, I turned to self harm.

I thought I had nothing left. I lost family friends, starting failing at school. I wasn't happy, I was broken!

I had no one to turn to. We were all a mess. But when my mum denied cheating it made me angrier. I would end up in physical fights with my mum.

Some people would turn around and say how nice my mum was, but them sticking up for her made it even worse.

I turned to smoking, alcohol, and occasionally drugs. I was cutting myself all the time and even attempted suicide, I had no one to help me. I was alone.

Then I thought I'M NOT WEAK!! I'm a strong girl who can fix this, I started getting in contact with my mum after a couple of years, our bond is never going to be the same as I've been hurt and it cannot be fixed to how I used to be.

It's really hard to keep strong and stay out of the adult issues which as a child you are brought into. You're allowed to cry, you're allowed to scream and shout! You're allowed to try and sort things - honestly keep your chin up. Anybody who is going through parent problems, think about yourself and your siblings and stay out of it. It broke my father and my siblings all split up in different places.

It's been hard but life wasn't made to be easy.

Photo: mliu92. Creative Commons.