It all fell apart, when I came along

When I came along, it was almost as if I was a spectator to my own life almost as if I was never the child almost as if I was nothing more than a product of a poisoned contract.


Because that's all it ever was. A piece of paper. No love to warm their hearts in the ices of winter. No trust to carry them through the stormy seas. Nothing.


Or so I thought.


Turns out they were happy. Turns out they smiled. And held hands. And kissed.


Then I came along.


The stars in her eyes had died away, The smile lines etched on his face turned to frown marks engraved into his increasing pallor. Their faces grew as grey as their hair.


"It's not your fault" I must've heard a million times more than any kid should. "They'd been drifting apart for so long now."


But how long, how? Perhaps 15 years?


Because from where I'm standing, from the second I was concieved to the last second that I breathe it will be my fault.


It was always shit for them, Its more shit for me, I'm not strong, Not anymore, Cant you see?


It all fell apart


When I came along.