Speaking to people helps

I was only 5 when my parents split up.

At the time I was too young to understand but from the tension on everyone's face I knew something wasn't right! It was hard not having my dad around because I didn't know where he was.

People deal with situations in different ways and I dealt with my situation in the way I thought would help me. I went years not speaking to anyone about what happened because I thought nobody would ever understand!! I drew pictures, wrote stories, letters just to relax my mind so I could go to sleep.

Speaking to people about how you feel helps, you might think it won't but it will. I found speaking to someone who didn't know me was better because then they couldn't judge me.

Before dealing with a situation make sure you do the right thing. No matter if your parents are together or not, they will still love you the same amount as they did before!!

Never blame yourself for what happened because there was something in their relationship they couldn't fix so they ended it to stop the hurt and discomfort that was caused.