Speak up

When I was 12, my mom and dad were splitting up.

It felt like my whole world was falling down. My mom demanded to keep me in her care and I was forced to live with her and her boyfriend, who I didn't like. It got worse as time went on. I started noticing her boyfriend trying to take my dad’s place. I spoke to my dad every night, but being away from him was heart-breaking. He'd brought me up since I was little and he's my world.


One night something happened with my mom and I decided to go and live with my dad. It was the best decision I ever made. My mom doesn't even see or contact me anymore. She was horrible to me when I went to live with my dad. I was sent threats and horrible messages all the time.

I'm now 17. I still live with my dad and am the happiest I've ever been. My mom no longer has any contact with me. I never got a say until I realised I needed to do something that would benefit me, no matter what the consequences were.