I waited but he didn’t show up

I was 5 when my parents split. As I was at such a young age I didn't understand why. But this is my story.


My dad went to work as usual whilst me and my mum went shopping and cooked dinner waiting for him to come home, but he didn't turn up until the next day whilst I was at school to get his stuff. He told my mum he was leaving her for another woman but promised to stay in my life. When my mum told me he wasn't going to live with us anymore I was confused as any child would be.


He continued to see me and pick me up every weekend and take me out, but this resulted in him and my mum arguing all the time, causing me to feel like it was all my fault. In the end he just didn't turn up.


I sat waiting at the window for hours on end every day waiting for him to turn up but he didn't... he never saw me again until I was 15.


But a year later he left my life again, which made me feel as though I wasn't worth it, if my own dad can just get up and leave. I was clinically depressed after he left the second time and I refused to see a doctor. I just wanted to be alone.


It’s just been me and my mum for years now and I think I'm glad he left. But if you are reading this and you don't remember your mum or dad's face because they didn't stick around to show you the little things in life, just think it's their loss because you are an amazing individual! And never feel unwanted because you are wanted.

Photo: Santiago Nicolau. Creative Commons.