Parents want the best

When I was 4, my parents split up. Because I was at such a young age I was confused at why my parents would fight against each other and why they would never be happy together. I was behaving horrendously at school all because I didn't know what was going on at home.


Now that I'm older and I understand why my parents are divorced, it was only for the best. It was because they weren't getting along and didn't feel how they wanted to feel.

Your parents do not divorce for nothing, they do it to make your life better. If they don't divorce they will be unhappy, you won't be treated as well as you could be, you might even be neglected. But as you get older and value the time you spend with your parents, you actually get more 'special' times with your parents. You can spend great times with them with it being just you two, with no arguing or anything. I really cherish the moments that I spend with my parents and I get more of those moments because of the divorce.


My main message however is that it is not your fault or anything to do with you. It's not because you've been naughty or done something bad, it's because they want the best for you.