I felt very alone

It took me over five years to accept what had happened and finally open up to my friends about my family.

I felt very alone and as if I had nobody to turn to. It knocked my confidence and changed my behaviour. I started messing about at school and not listening in class, but I realised this wasn't the person I wanted to be known as.


I decided to accept what had happened and that it was time to move on. Instead of hiding from my feelings I started helping my friends by telling how I coped and this really helped.

I feel that my parents' separation changed my whole world, not necessarily for the better, but I had no option but to go along with it. Even though I miss what I used to have, it has made me who I am and I am proud of how far I have come, as well as appreciate everything just that little bit more.

I just want to let everyone know, child or adult, that you aren't alone and you will feel 100 times better once you told a friend or someone you trust how you really feel!

Photo: Dzymailas. Creative Commons.