Worse feeling

My parents split soon after my nan passed away. When my nan passed I thought nothing could make the way I was feeling worse.

I was wrong. When my mum and dad split up, I felt that it was my fault. I said to my mum I want dad and then to my dad I want mum. I was just a 14-year-old girl about to start my GCSEs. I fell out with friends, they didn't understand.

My dad moved out and I thought that I was never going to see him; but I did. He was happier, my mum was happier. They had both moved on with their lives. It wasn't until they split that I noticed that neither of them was happy.

My parents splitting up may have seemed the worst thing that could possibly happen but it turned out to be the best. They are both in new relationships and they are the happiest they have been in a while.