How I learned to process my emotions

"It's not your fault"

No matter how many times they say that I never seem to believe it. Most of the conflicts seem to arise around issues that have to do with me - schools schedules, violin lessons, PTA meetings, etc. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't tell them anything so I can avoid them getting into big fights. It gets really tiring.

My biggest victory in this miserable situation is that I've managed to articulate my emotions in a more productive way, so that I can avoid unnecessary conflicts both between the two of them and myself and them. It also help to try and stay away from their arguments, as it's easy to get sucked in. Even when they have the best of intentions, half of the time, each of them is trying to get me on their side.

Dealing with school and other responsibilities on top of all of this gets even more difficult, so I'm slowly learning to ask for help from people like

  • friends
  • family
  • teachers
  • and councilors