My tips for children in divorce

Dealing with parents splitting up can be tough but as with other issues, you will pull through it fine. Here are a few tips I've put together from my experience of my parents splitting up.


It's not your fault.

Never blame yourself for their break up. It's a natural thing to occur and blaming yourself is a bad way to deal with the situation.


Don't try to pick sides.

Remember picking sides can lead to other problems such as arguments and family fall outs. Make sure you stay in touch with both parents not just one.


Stay calm.

Always stay calm because it's natural for this to happen, it's life and sometimes you have to deal with the outcome.


If times get tough.

If times get hard to handle go speak to someone. Letting your feelings out will make you feel better and sometimes make you handle anger and sadness better.


My dad left me when I was 3 months old. I never had contact with him until I was about 5. Now I've had time to realise what he's done to me and my mum, I've realised its a good thing he's left, otherwise my life would be completely different.


By using these tips I was able to handle this well and they are still In contact and I see both of them.

Photo: Benjamin Balázs. Creative Commons.