Don’t take it out on yourself

My parents were together since they were my age (17) and them being together is all I knew. They stuck by each other's sides for 23 years. I have a brother who was 18 at the time and we were all close and we still are.


My mum told me she didn't love dad anymore, that she fell out of love. As you can imagine it's still heart-breaking no matter how old you are. Three days later she told me we were moving out - me, my brother and my mum.


All me and my brother were thinking was this is our fault. We've caused the stress and them not spending time with each other. My dad has depression and still does. You automatically think it’s your fault or you had part in it, but it’s not, it’s between your mum and your dad. People fall out of love, people have arguments. It’s how things go. Just because they're not together no more doesn’t mean they love you any less.


When these things happen, you need your parents and they need you. Don't take it out on yourself or others. They're still your parents and they're still going to be there.