To parents: don’t guilt trip us!

The thing I want to get across is the thing not to do as a parent when you split up with your partner.

If the child wants to see both parents, please don't make the child feel guilty about it, as it can really be upsetting to the child if you say things like "I thought we were gonna have a nice day with the family but you’re going off to your mother's" etc. This makes the child feel as if they are not allowed to see them even though you have allowed it.

You are just guilt tripping them

Another thing is if you want to keep in contact with your child and you are not their main carer, please regularly make plans to see them and try your best not to cancel, because that makes the child feel like they are not worth it.

Just a bit of advice from a girl whose mother isn't in her life much at all and who doesn't want others feeling the same confusion.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Photo: Peter Eveleigh. Creative Commons.