When my parents split up it was a relief, if I'm honest.

I was heartbroken and relieved at the same time.

There relationship was toxic and it was a constant fight every other day.

For many years I would sit in my room and beg anyone listening to separate them. For a young child to go through that is just horrid.

However, it was for the best mum was happier, dad was happier and me and my siblings were happier. Not a lot changed in my life except dad no longer lived there. I would see Dad at least 3-4 times a week and still do stuff with him. Although, in fairy tales they tell a story that everyone lives happy ever after it's not always true. Sometimes decisions have to be made so that it's for the best for everyone. My parents staying togerthere any longer would have just been selfish and horrid.

It was a horrible time but we all got through it.

My advice to you would be to accept it and realise that it's for the best. Enjoy having two homes and enjoy that there isn't that horrid feeling in your stomach any more of dread or upset or anger. Be pleased you can now focus on yourselves and you no longer have that feeling.

To parents - make a decision that's right for you but consider the kids. Is it worth staying togerthere if your just going to bring your children up in a volatile or upsetting house hold? Will the children have to listen to things that will haunt them for life? If yes, then stop what you're doing and realise how your affecting your children. A few nasty words to the side or husband may feel like nothing, but believe me, they stick with you. Sounds of things being thrown screaming anything it sticks with a child. I promise you.  Teach them the hard things that parents do split up but teach them why and teach them how much love went into that decision. Always, always forgive though!