When friends go through separation and divorce, it can be very hard to know how to help.

The Voices in the Middle project, through the charity Family Initiative, was set up to provide support to children and young people going through parental separation.

Our work enables them to share stories and access support and information. We also offer resources for parents to help them support their children more effectively throughout this painful process.

By supporting Voices in the Middle, you will make a real  difference to children and young people going through parental separation throughout the country.


Steering Groups

We have two project steering groups, who represent young people and family law & mediation professionals. The groups provide ideas, direction and feedback for Voices in the middle, including:

  • Reviewing plans and information from the Voices in the Middle service delivery team
  • Forming new ideas on how the project can engage and support young people
  • Helping to identify effective methods of communication with young people, parents and professionals
  • How the project may need to be developed for different age groups, including the safe use of the internet
  • How will young people feel most comfortable to express their views, feelings and emotions
  • Supporting fundraising activity